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In the thriving and charming wine-making region of Eastern Veneto is situated the winery Bosco del Corner with its marvellous vineyards extending around the Venetian countryside.

Bosco del Corner, in English means The Wood in the Corner. It was originally a wooded area as the antique local maps show - and belonged to the historical Venetian family who were called the Corner family.

In 1972 the oenologist Enrico Ceccutto, with his great love for his region, founded the firm and now, with the same passion, his son Giovanni and his daughter Cristina continue to work at his plan and ideas.

The rigorous pruning of the grapes in the vineyards and the continuous processing in the wineries means they employ new technologies for vinification right up to the bottling process, however they never forget the old traditions that are still the secret of the successful wines produced by the Ceccutto family: its D.OC. (Registered designation of Origin) wines are among the most well-known ones in this region for their refinement and personalization.

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Società Agricola
Bosco del Corner
di Ceccutto & C. S.S.
Via Manin, 1
31040 Gorgo al Monticano
Treviso Italia
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